We bring flexibility, value and certainty to middle market investing.


Gamut Capital Management is a middle market focused private equity firm based in New York City.

We have an extremely flexible mandate to make control and control-like investments across every part of a company’s equity and debt capital structure. The GCM investment team leverages several decades of combined investing in a broad range of industries across a wide spectrum of old and new economy sectors, in an effort to identify contrarian, value-oriented, and growth opportunities. We're focused on building partnerships with management teams, private owners/founders, and other stakeholders to drive long term value creation through deep industry expertise and novel and complex transaction structuring, as well as detailed company-specific underwriting, operational acumen and long term strategic planning. 

Our founders and the entire investment team understand the concept of partnership in its broadest and most transparent sense. While Gamut is clearly able to provide a wide range of capital funding solutions for our partner companies, our focus also includes bolstering management’s financial flexibility through creative structuring, supplying strategic resources to help fuel organic growth and proprietary transaction access to drive prudent and commercially justified industry consolidation. The GCM team works hand-in-hand with management to create the processes and infrastructure to ensure long term organic growth, and to additionally provide insight and leadership to help navigate an ever-changing commercial environment and an increasingly complicated capital markets landscape.

The Gamut Team


The Gamut founders honed their experience over a combined 30 years working at one of the most sophisticated financial investors in the world. Together, with their team of professionals, Gamut is seeking to be the most financially sophisticated, downside protection focused and value-oriented investor in the middle market.


250 West 55th Street, 36th Floor, New York, NY, 10019
(212) 309-2600 | info@gamutcapital.com

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